Cirrhosis of the Liver
By Emma Filgate

What is Cirrhosis?
Cirrhosis of the liver is when liver cells continually die, and scar tissue forms. This damages the structure of the liver, which affects the liver's usual funtions, which are:
external image image004.jpg

  • making bile
  • storing and processing glucose
  • producing certain fats and cholesterol
  • breaking down things in the blood, such as
    • ammonia
    • toxins
    • proteins
  • storing vitamins and minerals
  • making proteins

A Cirrhotic liver compared to a healthy liver
If the Cirrhosis has developed to a severe level, the only option is to have a liver transplantation, or the liver will fail, causing the person to die

What causes Cirrhosis?

There are many different causes for Cirrhosis, the most common one being Hepititis B virus infection.
Some others include:
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external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQEGmlMLO4dEPJreCAeLJAWGI3ipcHAKyHBj4pKhSIUpOxVvUZk

  • over-consumtion of alchohol
  • blocked bile ducts
  • Chronic viral hepetitis types B, C and D
  • Haemochromatosis -where too much iron is absorbed by the blood
  • Autoimmune Hepatitis, or Crohns disease
  • Non-alchoholic fatty liver disease, related to obesity and diabetes
  • Wilson's disease, which is having excessive amounts of copper in your body

In around 10% of cases, a cause is not found. When this occurs the Cirrhosis is called Cryptogenic Cirrhosis
How can you cure, treat or prevent Cirrhosis?

Liver Cirrhosis is an irreversible disease, so once it is diagnosed all you can do to treat it is to stop it from becoming worse.Depending on the cause, there are different treatments for Cirrhosis, such as:
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  • stop or avoid drinking alchohol
  • routinely letting excess iron or copper out of your body
  • maintain a healthy and balanced diet
  • vaccinations against hepetitis A and B, and pneumonia
  • don't eat oysters and raw shellfish
  • be careful about the medicines you buy, as after Cirrhosis your liver becomes sensitive to some medicines

eating healthy is a major factor in treating and preventing Liver cirrhosis

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